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Recommended Reading to Learn About Stock Investing

Despite all the research and technical analysis you might do, it pays to read up on sources that can give you new ideas. We recommend the following sources to help your investing prowess:

Smart Money Magazine - Printed by the Wall Street Journal, this magazine has lots of investment ideas, as well as other ways to manage your finances.  You can buy this magazine with your frequent flier miles or find an online deal for around $10 a year.

Money Magazine - A great source to get investing ideas, as well as ways to manage finances.  The cost is very minimal for this magazine.

Barrons - This subscription is delivered every Saturday and lists all kinds of statistics on the weekly market and upcoming releases.  It also has several opinion articles that make market calls and predictions.  A subscription to this is very expensive, but you can usually use frequent flier miles to buy it.

Yahoo Finance - A very comprehensive financial site that allows you to build portfolios of watchlists and allows you to access all press releases, SEC filings, articles and blogs, message boards, analyst information and you can even purchase research reports there. By far the best message boards for stocks.

Google Finance - A good portal, not as good as Yahoo for overall information, but it does offer some articles that Yahoo doesn't.  Also, google updates real time stock quotes faster and more accurately than Yahoo.

CNBC - Watch CNBC in your spare time.  You can learn the language and see how "professionals" analyze the market and stocks.  By the way, don't ever trade on what Jim Cramer says.  He is entertaining but changes his mind daily.



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